Taking Charge of Endometriosis

Learn how a natural or integrated medicine approach can help you live more comfortably, as well as protect or enhance your fertility.

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What we'll cover:

  • Using an integrated or natural medicine approach to live more comfortably.  
  • What you can do to improve or protect your fertility.  
  • Addressing endometriosis holistically.
  • Reframing your beliefs about endometriosis.
  • The pitfalls of using only a pharmaceutical or surgical approach to endometriosis. 

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After the misdiagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and 5 years of being on the pill due to cramps, nausea, headaches, bowel issues, irregular periods and crippling mood swings, I was finally diagnosed in June 2018 with stage 3 Endometriosis. Post diagnosis little to no sustainable solutions were given, aside from more artificial hormones to suppress the Endometriosis and make life ‘livable’.  

From June-November 2018 my life went on hold. My symptoms of Endo were debilitating and my university degree suffered. However I believed that this was what life was like with Endometriosis and all it could be, with nothing other than ‘band aid’ solutions. Heading into my second lap in which was meant to be a mere check up, devastating news occurred. Within just 4 months my Endometriosis had grown back to stage 4. More severe than ever, whilst being on what was considered a solution to help prevent this from happening.  

After being provided the only option of induced menopause at the age of 20, I decided to reach out to Suzanne. I will forever be thankful for her support and help in educating me about my body and hormones. Suzanne took my concerns and dreams to one day have a family seriously, and helped me to support my body instead of suppressing it, resulting in my symptoms being the best they have ever been.  

Exactly a year on post diagnosis and after working with Suzanne, my third laparoscopy showed no sign of any Endometriosis! An incredible contrast compared to last year. Thank you Suzanne for showing me that Endometriosis does not have to rule my life and I can be healthy and happy whilst having this disease.  

- Hannah Mac 

About Suzanne

Suzanne Tapper is a natural fertility practitioner and researcher with more than 26 years of clinical experience. She specialises in helping men and women overcome reproductive health issues, using an integrated medicine approach.

You can find out more about her via her website.

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