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Fertility Breakthrough Method™

The new approach to pre-conception preparation.

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Bonus Fertility Breakthrough Method Program
Bonus Fertility Breakthrough Method Program

We can't guarantee you a baby but we totally back the information we share. If you are not completely satisfied after completing all the workbooks, please send them to us within 30 days from your purchase date and you will be fully refunded - no questions asked.

With Suzanne Tapper

What is the program format?  

This is a multi-media module program. Content includes videos, articles and workbook exercises. 

What will I gain from the program?

The program has been created to help you create a structured holistic fertility plan using an integrated medicine approach. Self-prescribing wastes time and money. Lack of a structured approach to fertility can contribute to mental distress. Following the steps in this program will help you get off the emotional roller-coaster by giving you the information required to make a step-by-step, time-lined fertility plan.

What do you mean by an 'evidence-based approach'? 

Both Chinese medicine and modern medicine have evidence supporting the use of various diagnostic methods and interventions to help fertility. Research in both areas is ongoing and developing. Much of modern research supports the clinical observations documented by Chinese medicine practitioners over many centuries. Suzanne is actively and regularly reviewing fertility research findings regarding diagnostic tools, interventions and human fertility subtleties. She uses this information to help people struggling with fertility challenges.  

What do you mean by an 'integrated medicine approach'? 

Chinese medicine has a time tested and well documented history with fertility medicine. Modern medicine also offers good diagnostic tools and fertility interventions that may be helpful or necessary for a number of reasons. The two do not need to be mutually exclusive. Suzanne's work with fertility combines the best of both worlds to help improve your chance of achieving your baby dream.  


Your Steps To Improved Fertility:

Step 1: Assessing Your Fertility

  • Learn how to create a realistic fertility plan and time frame for your particular situation.
  • Find out how to assess your fertility including reading and tracking your body's fertility signs.
  • Find out what blood tests, evaluations,swabs and scans you can do to help shortcut your fertility journey. 
  • Learn about commonly missed but treatable issues related to fertility.  

Step 2: Optimise Your Diet & Lifestyle 

  • Learn how to safely detox your body to support hormone and reproductive health.
  • Find out the essentials of a fertility enhancing diet and lifestyle.
  • Learn real world fertility-enhancing lifestyle tactics.  

Step 3: Manage Your Emotions

  • Develop critical emotional management strategies to help fertility optimisation.  
  • Learn why it is essential to avoid being in emotional drama.
  • Learn from others who overcame challenges on the fertility journey.  

Program Value $327 NZD


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